Breathe Easy When Your Tire Deflates

Breathe Easy When Your Tire Deflates

Trust Advanced Auto Towing to take care of your tire replacement in Commerce Twp, Wolverine Lake & Walled Lake, MI

Dodging potholes and road debris is tricky, and sometimes you're just not fast enough. If you need assistance changing a damaged tire, we can help.

Advanced Auto Towing tackles tire replacement and repair work in the Wolverine Lake & Commerce Twp, MI area. Don't panic if your tire goes flat on the way to work. We'll show up in a hurry to change your tire and get you back on the road.

Your tire might not need to be replaced, depending on how badly it's damaged. We have the tools and experience necessary to repair your tire quickly and safely. The tow truck driver will let you know how long you can drive on your repaired tire before you need to take your vehicle to a repair shop.

If the tire is badly damaged, we'll change your tire. Your tire change will be completed within 15-30 minutes of our arrival.

Trust Advanced Auto Towing to handle your roadside tire replacement safely and efficiently.

Why you shouldn't drive on a flat tire

Advanced Auto Towing takes care of tire changes in Commerce Twp, West Bloomfield & Wolverine Lake, MI and surrounding areas.

Driving on a flat tire is a bad idea because it can:

Destroy your tire

Damage your rims and suspension

Lead to an accident or injury if you lose control

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